On behalf of the T.Thomas Fortune Project Committee, we would like to congratulate one of our very own, Dr. Walter Greason, who was recently named Dean of the Honors School at Monmouth University!


Frederick Douglass & Mr. Fortune!


T.Thomas Fortune and Fredrick Douglass not only had a great relationship, but both fought tirelessly for the welfare and equality of African Americans everywhere. There was an event where Mr. Fortune had the opportunity to honor the great Fredrick Douglass for his efforts and strides in the advancement of African Americans. These black men were trailblazers in their time and still are today. Their goals and dreams for this country have not yet been met but their ideals will remain a part of the fabric that is America. It is up to us to finish the work of these leaders, it is time to become the America they’d hoped we’d be.

The Monmouth County Historical Association’s 118th Annual Meeting

The T.Thomas Fortune Project Committee were guest presenters at the Monmouth County Historical Association’s 118th Annual Meeting. We were honored to be before a crowd of people interested in the preservation of history and T.Thomas Fortune’s impact on society and his help in advocating for the equality and advancement of African Americans. This awareness is critical in preserving our history and educating future generations.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great cause!

2017 Is The Year!

casaIt’s been 10 years in the making and with the help of Councilman Ed Ziprich, George Bowden, The T. Thomas Fortune Committee and Roger Mumford; the dream is coming to fruition. The T.Thomas Fortune Cultural Center is coming in 2017, a perfect way to kick off the New Year! This will be a place to break cultural and racial divides as well as advocate and advance the history of forgotten and unknown American voices. Now, more than ever, is a pivotal time to not simply tolerate but respect everyone around us. The Cultural Center will help seal the gaps that have been separating us for too long.

Stay tune for more updates about the progress of Mr.Fortune’s home on all our sites and get involved in helping to unsure a reality that is soon to come.

Gilda Rogers Pens Memoir ‘Out of the Ashes Came Hope’

Gilda Rogers, the co-chair of the T. Thomas Fortune Project Committee, announces the release of “Out of the Ashes Came Hope” – the story of Monsignor William J. Linder, who founded New Community Corporation in 1965. Rogers, the ghostwriter of the book, has woven together the beauty and grace of humanity against the prevailing backdrop of race, rage and the ’67 Newark Riots.

“This really has been a labor of love,” said Rogers. “I’ve been working on this project with Monsignor Linder since 2012, and knowing all that he went through has been an inspiration to me for the T. Thomas Fortune Project.”

For more information and to reserve your signed copy of the book, please contact, Kathy Spivey, (973) 623-2800.