Gilda Rogers Pens Memoir ‘Out of the Ashes Came Hope’

Gilda Rogers, the co-chair of the T. Thomas Fortune Project Committee, announces the release of “Out of the Ashes Came Hope” – the story of Monsignor William J. Linder, who founded New Community Corporation in 1965. Rogers, the ghostwriter of the book, has woven together the beauty and grace of humanity against the prevailing backdrop of race, rage and the ’67 Newark Riots.

“This really has been a labor of love,” said Rogers. “I’ve been working on this project with Monsignor Linder since 2012, and knowing all that he went through has been an inspiration to me for the T. Thomas Fortune Project.”

For more information and to reserve your signed copy of the book, please contact, Kathy Spivey, (973) 623-2800.

The 4th Annual T. Thomas Fortune Event….”Fortune Telling the Truth”

This past Sunday was the 4th annual T. Thomas Fortune Fundraiser Event, which was held at the Oyster Point Hotel and it was one to remember! The event began at noon with esteemed guests and citizens of the community arriving for the historical event. After some pictures and conversation, a delicious meal was served. After lunch, guest speakers, Linda Shockley; Dr. Walter Greason and Roger Mumford gave compelling speeches about Mr. Fortune, the importance of restoring the home, the journey to restoration and the Cultural Center it will become. Overall the atmosphere, setting and people made for an amazing time as well as shedding a light on the importance of the cause. Everything was handled with the utmost care and grace from beginning to end.

Thank you to all those who came in support and contributed to making the day as successful as possible. Countless hours and hard work went into the event and the preservation of the Fortune house. All that hard work is finally paying off and will be seen for generations to come.

The 4th Annual T. Thomas Fortune Event; Young People are the Future, But a Part of History Too

(Right to Left; Alexandria Lewis, Esmeralda Pita-Herrera, Desiree Marshall, Aurelia Whitehead)

It is unfortunate that young people aren’t called upon more often to do things. Fortunately, our Fortune Tellers foresee a bright future that they will be the makers of. Each one of them did an exceptional job performing pieces written by T. Thomas Fortune in front of esteemed guests and citizens of the community, this past Sunday at our T. Thomas Fortune luncheon. They helped to make the event that much better and were a joy to watch!

The 4th Annual T. Thomas Fortune Event, Thank you Sponsors!

Thank you to all of our sponsors who made last Sunday’s event possible! The T. Thomas Fortune Luncheon was a great success and an amazing time for all those who were able to attend. Without your generosity, the event would not have been possible. Thanks to you, communities of people came together regardless of race or appearance for one cause; to save an important part of history that was being erased. Thank you again for all you’ve done, we truly appreciate it!

Fortune Exhibit Aims to Educate the Community

The Monmouth County Library, Eastern branch, located in Shrewsbury NJ, is displaying an exhibit about T.Thomas Fortune, an activist and trailblazer of the modern day Civil Rights Movement. The exhibit will feature facts and information on T. Thomas Fortune and his contribution to society, detailing why his story is relevant to the public and important to our history. Please check it out, it will be a great learning experience for all ages. Click here to visit the library’s website for more information,


The 2016 Presidential election is the most interesting election America has ever witnessed. What we also couldn’t have predicted decades ago was, Mr. Fortune foreseeing a man like Donald Trump come into power.

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